Good Bye For Now

Hey, everyone. I have some difficult, but important news to share with you all.

After some serious thought and inner debate and discussion with my closest friends, I have decided to quit making Between The Lines for the indefinite future.

I have recently been very unhappy with its lack of growth, both in terms of readership and in story. The constant rapid deadlines have forced it onto rails that make me push this story in directions I don’t want it to go, and don’t give me the time or energy to correctly craft the story I WANT to be telling.

Between The Lines will someday return, in some form. Be that bringing back the webcomic with more planning, or writing it out as a series of books for the world, or some other format I don’t know of yet. I love these OCs with all of my heart and I love the tale that’s living inside my head, I just can’t correctly tell that story right now.

My Patreon account will be closed just before the first of May, so my donors do not need to worry about manually cancelling their subscriptions if they don’t come to that website very often. I don’t know yet if I’ll be coming back to Patreon in the future or switching to Ko-Fi or what have you.

As for the website of the comic itself, at the bare minimum it will stay up until I need to pay for it again, which should be around October, so readers who might still wish to catch up on the entire First Act can still do so for now!

You can continue following me on my Tumblr ( ) or my Twitter ( ) for more new art and stories and updates on whatever my next projects will be!

Thank you to everyone who’s ever read my comic! Thanks especially to those who stuck with me from the beginning, and to Taylor, Red, and GG for being ridiculous enough to pay to have your characters in my world, and to my Mom for supporting me through it all!

I hope you’ll follow me along to whatever’s next!


Scott T.