August 2018 News!!

So we’re currently just a couple of days out from August, and Chapter 7 has just finished for my Patreon donors.

Many of you may know that I like to take short End of Chapter breaks for two or three weeks, but I want to try something new this time around. Instead of zero content updates for a few weeks, I’m instead going to move from posting two comic updates a week, to only posting once a week on Sundays for the duration of August.Sort of a Pseudo-Hiatus.(To Patreon donors specifically, I probably also won’t be doing Behind The Scenes posts during August.)

Everything will go back to normal in September (including the Q&A and Wallpaper features that I’ve recently lost track of, oops)

Also, I’d love to hear feedback if you prefer this method or the “radio silence for 2-3 weeks” method!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!!