September 2016 News!

Two important news updates about my Patreon/Art this month!

First, starting today, September 1st, 2016, the Behind The Scenes Art that my Patreon Donors of 3 dollars or more get to see will no longer release every Thursday, but instead come out every OTHER Thursday.

This will not only allow for better quality over quantity of these sketches, which I believe will make this tier more worthwhile to the donors, but will also me some extra breathing room every month during the creation of my comic.

This is time I can use to improve my future webcomic pages, as well as work on other projects, including the Your Questions Answered Bonus Comics (that’ll happen soon, I promise), the Monthly Wallpapers that I’ll be starting as soon as I hit my first stretch goal of $50 a month, or, leading nicely into my second point, Commissions!

I currently only accept Commissions through the $15 Patreon Tier, but that’s about to change!

By the end of this month, I will open One Time Donation Commissions to all parties, ranging in price and size, for the people who maybe can’t afford a $15 commission, or just aren’t able to donate that every month through Patreon.

I don’t have a list of these prices yet, but more information will be posted on my Social Media Sites by the end of the month.

Thank you for supporting me by reading my comic!

– Scott T.

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