Between The Lines Patreon News – Changes to Tiers and Stretch Goals

So as the name of this news post implies, I’m officially changing two things about my Patreon.

The first change is that the lowest donation tier ($1 a month) is no longer 24 hour early updates. It will now give the Patron the ability to read three pages ahead of the standard website’s content. My reasoning for this is that –

a),  it will help me to stick to an easier and more structured update schedule that will allow me some more free time to work on other projects and remove some time-management involved stress

and b), it will likely be more of an incentive for the readers to want to donate to that tier, and the more Patrons I can get, the more I can give back to the comic.

This tier’s change will be placed into effect tomorrow, Sunday, July 24th, 2016, and $1 tier updates will continue to be updated alongside official site updates and $10 tier updates, as opposed to the day before.

(The $10 tier will still be 8 pages ahead of the website for now)

The other change I’m making is to the $50 stretch goal

That goal was originally a big full color desktop wallpaper of several BTL characters including many not yet released in the comic.

But I’m sorry to say that this is just too much work for me to do alone at this phase of my comic’s lifespan. (I would like to make a wallpaper like that one day, though)

So the new $50 stretch goal is once monthly desktop wallpapers. These wallpapers will be much more manageable in scope as compared to the original plan. Dealing with one or two or a handful of characters in each. Hopefully this will still be something that is interesting to the readers.

Thank you for supporting me by reading my comic!

– Scott T.

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